Back to school

Back to School Pack

The importance of the ‘Back to School’ event is known to many of us who have or have had children of school age. Although it happens 3 times a year the main event is no doubt in preparation for the new school. This might involve a new school, new friends, new teacher, new Uniform and for many children, especially of ‘secondary’ age this means, New Stationery. Hardly surprising therefore that our high street and online retailers offer a massive range of back to school items.

Three years ago one of our customers asked if we had a back to school pack offer. At the time we did not so he offered to design one for us using items from the M&G range. Initially these packs were made by us here in the UK as plain packs, little by way of branding but with a ‘knock-em’ out price. The result was demand that we could not easily fulfil. Production moved across to China by M&G who stepped up to make the packs for us to which we added the pack front sheet with all the right info for a retailer and customer to see.


Why has this product been successful for us? First, the products in the pack. M&G’s iconic 4-colour ball pen, the same one that has been rebranded for another high street stationery brand name, is a favourite. Then there is the unique ‘Multi-use’ mechanical pencil, good for drawing, calligraphy and filling in those exam dots on multiple choice exam papers. The geometry tools are a must for measuring and drawing angles and lines. A glue stick is always handy as is a correction tape to correct ball pen errors. A highlighter is a handy thing and the one in the pack erases too. Sticky notes are an essential these days to they are also in there. Finally, the strong A5 mesh zip bag is a perfect pencil case which can take all these and more besides.

The second reason for the success with this product is the enthusiasm of our sales network for the product. With retailers and trade sellers on board, we have seen volume sales direct to schools through our partners. Anecdotally, I am told that one head teacher simply remarked, ‘No Brainer, 500 please’!

If you would like to buy these packs direct from us just click here to go to our webshop where you can find out lots more about the wide range of products from M&G Stationery, a global giant in this industry.

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